Friday, May 20, 2011

Balancing a Pear

I'm a pear.

No, not this kind of pear...

I'm talking about this kind of pear...

Smallish top...not so smallish bottom.

While I mostly accept my natural shape as a fact of life, there have been moments when I wished that I was a bit less pear and a bit more hourglass. Now, in my youth, that wish had nothing at all to do with my shoulders/arms. Having toothpick slender arms was a good thing. That sentiment changed a bit earlier this year when I was trying to find a dress to wear to my sister's wedding. I've already confessed somewhere in this blog that I really, strongly dislike shopping. Trying on clothes is torturous. I think that part of the reason I have such trouble with clothes shopping has to do with my pear status. If an article fits me perfectly on top, it won't look right on the bottom... and vice-versa. Sleeveless items are the absolute worst. I love the way that they look on other people. I love the way that they look on hangers. On ME??? Not so much. Still, for some reason I was bound and determined to find a perfect, sleeveless dress for the wedding. I did find one that I really liked, but not before sorting through some major regrets over not paying much attention to upper body work outs during that six months that I actually belonged to a gym...more than a year ago. You know, cause if I had, then maybe I'd have decent shoulders now. Or not. Whatever.

Gym time aside, when you consider that I spent years upon years carrying one child or another, it should follow that I have decent strength in my arms. Nope. My puny arms are as weak as they look. I think that's because my arms didn't really carry the children all that much. My hips did. My arms were merely security straps.

So now I'm wondering. If I actually put forth effort into working out my shoulders, will it make a difference? I have no desire to become "buff" or as my young fitness guru cousin puts it - "swole." I'd just like to balance my shape out a bit.

My official goal is to lose 10 pounds while gaining shoulders that look decent in sleeveless tops. I can do this! I even have a plan. After 2-4 weeks of home cardio/weights and yoga (to build up my endurance), I will join the kickboxing class that I currently bring my daughters to three times a week. I could just jump right into the class now, but I know myself and after a couple of FAIL sessions, I'll want to give up completely. Giving up is not an option! This will happen. And when it does, I might even post a pic of the cute sleeveless top that I'll get to reward myself. Maybe I'll even post a pic of me wearing said cute sleeveless top. Or maybe not. One step at a time.

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  1. Love the resolve. Can't wait to read the progress report!