Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Monday - Bible Favorite

For this week's Fun Monday, Roger from A Screed in Time asked: "...with us going through Holy week, why not go with a little religion, makes sense, right? So this week, I am looking for one of three answers (gotta give you choices). Please share with the group one of the following; your favorite book in the Bible, your favorite character in the Bible, or your favorite biblically based movie."

Now you might think that with me being a lover of the written word, I would automatically pick the book category. Not so fast! I'm not sure that I can pick a "favorite" book in the Bible. I'll admit that I will turn to the New Testament more often than I do to the Old. In the NT, I prefer reading the Gospels. Of the Gospels...well, there I'm stuck. How do I choose between the accounts?

Favorite character? Again that's a toughie, but this time it's not because I can't make a choice. It's because my choice is more than a "character" to me. He is my Creator.

Moving on to movies. The first one that came to my mind was the one I saw most recently.

One Night with the King

Then there is the one I grew up watching year after year.

The Ten Commandments

But if I have to pick a very favorite, it's going to have to be the one that not only has an all star cast, including Patrick Stewart (Oh Captain, My Captain!), but is also chock full of amazing songs that I enjoy listening to over and over.

So, :::drum roll please::: here a clip of my favorite song in my favorite Biblically based movie.

The Prince of Egypt


  1. I remember seeing "The Ten Commandments" as a child, but haven't seen either of your other picks. I'll have to come back and watch your clips when I'm not at work. My favorite? "Jesus Christ Superstar"!

  2. I remember seeing the Ten Commandments at age nine and being enthralled and amazed by Hollywood's version of the parting of the Red Sea. I have not seen The Prince of Egypt yet. Perhaps, I will check it out from the library this week.

  3. I haven't seen the first movie, either, but looks great. I always can watch the Ten Commandments over and over. Does it even come on anymore at this time? I mentioned Esther in my post, too. (I ended up with two posts as it was a pain trying to put the clip in one post.)

    A fellow book reader? Maybe I'll see you tommorrow for teaser tuesday :)

  4. I do love to read but don't force myself to find time nearly as often as I should. There will be stretches where I'll consume one book after another until I realize that I'm falling ridiculously behind on everything else in life. Then I'll have a "dry spell" of nothing more than a main course of internet browsing with a side dishes of magazine headlines while waiting in the checkout. I will try to participate in TT again this week.
    Your Tea Time Tales intrigue me. Can you tell me more about it?

  5. I'll have to agree that it is too hard to pick just one favorite book from the Bible and one favorite Bible Character. I have not seen One Night With the King. Looks good though.

  6. Thanks for participating! Of the three movies you have shared, I think I have only seen the Ten Commandments - which is pretty much required viewing at this time of year. :) I love that movie and I love the story of Exodus in the Bible as well. Now if I could just write it all down and hit post, it is Wednesday after all. :)